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Whole Cloth Quilt in The Making, Off White Solid, Free Motion Quilting

Super excited to get this one started! Its 1 whole piece. No Patchwork, or seams. Just focus on the beautiful free motion quilting.

Moving around some of the frame work and starting to add all the fun elements.

I am a hand guided quilter. Meaning none of this is computer quilting. I don’t care for computer quilting, takes away the fun, unless I was quilting for other quilters. Which isn’t my thing either. I learned real quick I didn’t want to do work for other quilters. LOL nuff said there~~ πŸ™‚

anyway here are the beginnings of what’s to be a beautiful design on a Queen size off white quilt.

You can order one like this here:

( colors based on availability) due to supply chain issues, Im happy to look for a color before ordering. The inventory is slow to re stock, but most of the basic colors are available.

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Migrating Geese Quilt with Updated quilting, and Pattern Re-Fresh

handmade quilts

Time for a Quilting Pattern Refresh!

I just love this quilt! The first time I did it I quilted it with those beautiful feathers. I loved it. And so have many others…..and they loved the quilting the way it was. I think Ive made it 4 times, and always have done the same quilting.

So I decided that the only way I can try a new thread path, is to make a spare quilt, which is what this is. spare parts quilt~~ pieces I saved , or made a few extra of so I could make a small quilt.

So this one is a cutie, not real big, but it allows me to do different things in the quilting. Its also double Batted, so its meant for decor and show πŸ™‚

I will put in my sale section when I’m finished and know the exact measure. its approx. 38 X 45 inches right now. nice throw size. ts also not totally finished. check back to this post and I will edit new pics of it finished.

So Now when someone orders it, they can have a variety of quilting to look at and have options, of a new quilting Motif.

So I will be updating the listing with these new photos for an great upgrade to the original πŸ™‚

I you would like to order a larger version of Migrating Geese Quilt

it can be located here:

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Hunters star Quilt in the Making, and current projects

handmade quilts

This week I am also finishing up making the tops of 2 Hunters Star quilts.

Beautiful classic pattern, 1 done with 1 color and the other multi colored Blues.

I’m ready to put the borders on and to get ready for the quilting πŸ™‚

If you would like to order a Hunters Star Quilt, listing is here:

Newly listed this week Beautiful Teal quilt, whole cloth King size 94 X 106

Flying Geese Quilt 1st Pic~ Made to Order

Crazy Squares quilt ( like 2nd and 3rd pic) Made to Order:

OK! Im back to work!

Sew Ya later! πŸ™‚

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Newly Finished, Whole Cloth Quilt, no Patchwork~ It’s all about the quilting~

handmade quilts

Im excited to get this one finished. Its what you would call a whole cloth quilt. no seams, no patchwork

just a show of some fun quilting.

There is over 3400 yards of thread on this one, I used a variegated thread that changes colors beautifully over the quilt.

I did a bit of drawing on it, with some cute over lapping squares. I used that as a place to but feathers and straight lines. and the background is a variety of 3 different motifs. All free hand guided quilting. Super Fun!

it is King size at 94 X 106. I love the idea of it being 1 solid piece of fabric with no pattern, for those who like a softer look, its perfect! Planning my next one already. πŸ™‚ Im thinking pink~

I have this quilt ready to ship, located here

If you would like to order one like this>< located here:

I also did some sampler quilting this week, having fun doing new thread paths. I love the one that sorta looks like cinnamon rolls. that one was fun I could see it made bigger on a bed quilt too. so many quilts, so little time to do them all! haha. I try hard tho πŸ™‚

Thanks for subscribing!

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2 Newly Listed Quilts, fun sized beauty’s

handmade quilts

So Im doing some fall clearing out of odd shaped quilts ( throw sized) and doing this beautiful Digital print.

I have 2 of these on the purples and blues, and this one in reds and orange. Both are just as beautiful depending on your colors.

I have so much fun making it my pet project for the week. I can quilt a lot simper and quicker….. but that’s not the point with these floral printed designs. The Floral in the center is printed which I quilted over, and then I added the borders, double batting, and of course my favorite part…. the free motion quilting. lots to look at, and great texture with this one. The tri-fecta of quilts…. LOL well and works great for these smaller quilts.

Its up and listed here :

Also Finished and listed this week, a Throw size ( 57 X 78) in the pattern I offer called ” Summer in the Park”

its a great quilt for using up my scraps, sometimes when Im between things I will sit and make these units, knowing I wont get back to them for a while. Then one day I grab time and put them together. Thats what I did here. So its an odd size, longer than wide, but its super cute and I gave it some love with the free motion.

It can be located here:

Also on deck, Hunters Star quilt, with Blue and White I also have this available on a Made To Order

located here:

Thats all I got this week! I hope this finds everyone well!

Sew Ya Later!

SALE Quilts

All other finished Quilts , ready to ship here:

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Quilt in the making, Newly Listed! Beautiful White Quilt, Hand guided Free motion designs, super sweet!

handmade quilts

So I just finished this one, and it turned out really nice!

I wanted an simple and not over powering pattern., done mostly with white. And this is how it turned out!

This one is 100 % cotton and will be around for many years to come! Has a super nice drape and textile feel to it.

The finished quilt, ready to ship is located here:

If you would like one like this made just for you, its located here:

Also new projects this week

Thank you for looking at my shop,

check out my other sections

SALE Quilts

All other finished Quilts , ready to ship here:

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Newly Finished, Newly Listed Floral Quilts, Double Charmed Quilt almost finished, and 3 more up On Deck!

This week I got both floral quilts finished and listed.

They are both beautiful. One is larger than the other, and is double batted.

the smaller one would be great for any room, and yet used to be a snuggly quilt too.

Double Batted Quilt 65 X 71 located here:

Throw size 63 X 57 located here:

Also this week I am getting the final touches on the Doubly Charmed Quilt

Its turning out so beautiful πŸ™‚ Here are the updated Pics on my progress with it.

The link to order Double Charmed like this one is here:

Also Newly listed :

Newly Listed:

Working on 3 more on deck… that I should have time to get finished before Christmas. πŸ™‚ I hope to at least.

1. another Floral in Reds and Oranges: will be a throw size double batted

2. Multi Colored square in square , should make it to King with this one, maybe queen>< I will know soon.

3. Tiny Squares Quilt ( lack of a name for it yet) Its going to be super pretty with mostly open space for some fun custom quilting πŸ™‚ also planning on it being King.

Thats all I got this week! I hope this finds everyone well!

Sew Ya Later!

SALE Quilts

All other finished Quilts , ready to ship here:

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Newly Finished Floral Wall dΓ©cor, and English Garden Star quilt/ Doubly Charmed in Navy Blue

handmade quilts for sale

Newly finished! Beautiful Digital Print by Kauffman.

I gave it the borders and quilting.

Super cute! would be a great addition to the right room, couch. This one is finished and ready to ship!

would make a Great Christmas gift!

( i Know hate to think of December… but as a quilter this is the time to be getting ready! πŸ™‚

And I am in the process of quilting this little nugget. πŸ™‚

I have done lots of star quilts. I run out of ideas of how to quilt them, and sometimes i pick one motif and do the blocks all the same. This time I decided to do each block slightly different. It sorta messed with my need to be neat and tidy… ( I call it useful OCD) BUT once you throw caution to the wind, I can roll with variety/ mixed motifs. And the stars themselves aren’t the same either so it works out perfect! I haven’t decided yet as to how to do the other half of the border, I will save that for last…. LOL Over all its going to be a sweet little quilt. I have also used a chiffon yellow thread, which doesn’t really show in the pics, but a great small detail when you see it in real time.

Ive edited this listing if you would like to order a quilt like this here:

And… Next up for quilting is Doubly Charmed 2.0 In Nany Blue. This one is a beauty, and its a King so Its a big project!

Im excited to start dropping thread on this one πŸ™‚

You can order doubly charmed here:

I hope everyone is well, and enjoying their summer!

Sew Ya Later! πŸ™‚

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Newly Finished, Irish Chain Quilt, Red and White

red and white quilt

Newly Finished! Newly Listed!

So this one is another spin off the double charmed quilt too.

I just used 1 color, and instead of stars I opted to leave it mostly all white. And used 1 red fabric. It does have a little variegation to it, like a artistic smudge design. It looks darker in the pics than it is. Bright beautiful red.

Super fun for me to quilt! I did some ( a lot ) of ruler work with the scallops, and circles and cross hatching. But I did some free motion quilting with the 2 styles of feathers. Lots of detail the pics cant show. Great textile to it.

All of my quilting is hand guided, meaning its not just put onto a computer and walk away and let the machine do it.

I actually laid this quilt top all out flat before I loaded it onto the machine, and marked the whole design out with a marker.

That was fun too! scribbling all over πŸ™‚ It turned out amazing πŸ™‚

So Its ready for a forever home, and is truly a keepsake quilt to cherish and love for many years to come πŸ™‚

Here’s the link to the Finished Irish Chain quilt , Red and White 100 X 103 here:

Here’s the link to the Made To Order link here:

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Doubly Charmed Quilt, 2.0 In Navy Blue/ White

So My new project is a new color way for the Doubly Charmed Quilt

Navy Blue and White / multi colored~ super cute!

You might remember the original I did fairly recently,

I did it in Light Blue. I also have tried a block trying it with Red as the accent. also sharp πŸ™‚

and I found an alternate layout for this pattern also. Its fun to do a pattern more than once.

You get to apply what you learned the first time, and it makes it fun for the visual of seeing it in different colors.

here is the orginal, and then the alternate layout that I stumbled upon with working this new project,

You can locate the Made to order listing for a quilt like this here:

The Original finished quilt is listed here:

Also next up for quilting…

This beautiful digital print, will be wall sized, made for dΓ©cor

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English Garden Quilt, Newly Finished Quilt~~~New spin on Irish Chain Quilt in Red and White

blue and white quilt

So this quilt I only had so much of the floral print, So I made blocks until I ran out πŸ™‚

and I came up with a cute size of 64 X 72

Its very simple but pretty. The quilting in the background was fun. It was a graffiti type, where i just quilted whatever felt good. Feathers, Bubbles, paisleys, lots of detail to shine on this one.

Its a nice weight, anything quilted this heavy has a great textile to it.

would look great in any room you have Blue and white, sorta reminds me of a French garden, only with out the yellow.

Link to this finished Blue and White quilt here:

I have a star quilt I’ve also made with these colors, Blue and white , but I I did use some yellow on it. It will be coming up soon.

Also getting quilting love this week is my Red and White quilt. Its a spin off of the Irish Chain, and the doubly charmed quilts. Its fin because of all the open space. I marked this quilt all before I loaded it, so its going to be a classic beauty.

I cant believe I did it, I stuck to only 2 colors, and its always so sharp with only 2 fabrics. It would would great in yellow, or teals. any color. I’m excited about this one πŸ™‚ It is a big quilt hoping for it to be King, we will see how much it draws up with the quilting and washing. πŸ™‚

I made a ” Made To Order” listing for this one ahead of time, because I may be a while finishing this one. I will update the pictures in the listing as I get it more finished.

Made To Order Irish Chain Quilt It can be located here:

Thank you for looking at my Blog!

Be Back soon!

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Newly Listed, Multi colored Storm At Sea Quilt

Newly finished! This one is a beauty!

a variation of Storm At Sea, and it turned out awesome!

This one took me longer both in the piecing and the quilting, like a double whammy. But so worth it!

It washed up nice and its ready for a new forever home πŸ™‚

It measures out at 89 X 88 so its a large ” Full” or a short ” Queen”

I have it also listed on a made to order basis too.

This is my 2nd finish this week. just love it when things come together!

Have a great week! links down below~

Link to the Finished 88 X 89 Quilt here:

Link to a Made to Order King or Queen Quilts here:

Sale Quilts

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Newly Listed, Multi colored scrappy quilt

So I really debated keeping this one, I just love the bright colors.

Im not sure what to call it, because I sorta stumbled onto the pattern. It seemed really busy before I quilted it,

but then after the quilting, the texture and weight it has makes it a warm quilt.

But I know with Christmas coming gift size quilts are great, and between now and then I don’t know how many I will have finished. And NO I don’t need another quilt… LOL

So its up for sale, Lap Size 54 X 58, and I have it offered on a made to Order basis also.

Finished Quilt 54 X 58 ready to ship here:

Made To Order this quilt here:

also coming up soon~

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Storm At Sea Quilt~~~

Storm at Sea Quilt

Finally got all the blocks made, and the quilting is started!

I stumbled on this version of Storm at Sea ( one of my favorite patterns)

Multi colored, with black accents, and a purple Border and Backing. Batting is Hi Loft Poly.

I think this is like my 4 th time making this pattern, and yet all 4 were very different with other colors.

That’s the tricky part with this one is the color placement. sometimes I get lucky…. LOL

I remember the first one I made, it was pretty but I struggled to understand the color placement.

This one will be up for sale soon, I’m not sure what the finished size will be, its pretty much a small queen now, but it does draw up with the quilting. So I’m not sure until I’m done on measurements.

I will be listing this pattern on a made to Order basis soon.

There is one listed that is very close to this pattern its listed here: in a couple different colorways.

Alternate colorway, Small throw size Storm at Sea

Ready to ship


Dream Big flower quilt, Throw size 51 X 51

ready to ship πŸ™‚

NEWLY Listed

Snails Trail Quilt, Full size

Ready to ship

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Newly finished Wall Hanging, Super sweet Digital print/

So this was a really nice digital print. I embellished it with the flying geese patchwork, and a diamond border.

I had no idea what I intended to do when I started, and had no idea how cool it would be until I finished~

I have this one with Hi Lift poly batting so it has nice shadow and light.

I have 2 more like this one in the process of patchwork now, so there are 2 more coming soon. I did the other 2 slightly different in color, and im in the process of making them a little bigger.

Would make a great Christmas gift. as I wont be making any more of these before the Holiday arrive.

It was my intention to list it, but a fiend of mine stopped by and she decided she had to have it. Shes going to hang it on her wall.

So this one isnt for sale. So check back soon for the other 2 being quilted soon πŸ™‚

Also Newly Listed Dream Big Flower Quilt


Snails Trail Quilt

Ready to ship