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Pastel Beauty, Newly Finished

Custom Quilting, Quilts By Taylor

This one is officially finished!

I have it all ready to find a new home 🙂

After quilting ,washing and drying It measures 96 X 111

Which is a very large Queen, or Regular King

There are lots more photos in the actual listing

located here:

Im also doing a smaller version as a Table topper in the reds~ which is sharp too!

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Newly Finished this week, 2 finished, And one Big Flower Quilt ready for the quilting

dream big flower

Its been a very busy few weeks! Getting quilts to the finish line is always such a good feeling.

The hexigon quilt measures 90 X 100 which makes it a nice queen

The Flower Quit is one of my favorites. They recently came in a larger size, and Ive been working on how to make them a bed size. I have another one in the works right now, done in pastels it should be coming up soon!

These Flower Quilt Panels are one of my favorites. Made by Robert Kauffman, and it is a digital print. Beautiful!

They recently came in a larger size, and I’ve been working on how to make them an actual bed size. Which I had many requests to do. I have another one in the works right now, done in pastels it should be coming up soon!

Here the links to the newly finished ones:

Hexagon Quilt here:

Dream Big Flower Quilt here:

Here’s a couple peeks at the pastel one coming up soon: its all pinned and ready for the actual quilting :)))) My favorite part! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods, and I will be back soon! Sew ya later!

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Newly Finished, Custom Order, Hexagon Quilt

So this week, I have finished this beauty. Hexagons with greens and reds~

This pattern comes together nice at the end. So many when they first see the blocks thinks is ” busy” or “wild”

but one of the things I love about quilting is to see and know the beauty before the finishing.

This is my 2nd time making this one, and it is just as beautiful as the first. The echo quilting I have on this one makes it a very unique textile, and will be around for many years into the future.

I cant wait to see it in its forever home.

link for ordering is here:

The link to this listing is located here:

And I have a new Star quilt coming up soon, here are some pics of this upcoming project:

this quilt can be ordered through this link: ( shown in different colors)

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Newly Finished! 2 quilts this week!

I have 2 new ones finished and ready to find their forever homes.

Ok so I didnt finish them both this week, Im just now sitting down to get them listed~~ computer work is hard!

both of these were fun to make, and I actually followed patterns! ( which I dont do often) But nice to know I can follow one still… 🙂

I also have a few beauty’s coming up soon. A lone Star/ in neutral tones/ queen

,and a~~ Storm At Sea ~~quilt/ done in purple and gray / king <—- this one is going to be a stunner 🙂

both are close to being finished/ and couple more on deck.

Its been cold and snowy here, with extra work with shoveling, but it is beautiful in its own way. I hope everyone is warm and cozy!

Sew ya Later!


Link to Belliago here :

Link to Prism here:


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Newly Finished, Lemoyne Star, Queen Quilt

quilt for sale

Newly finished, and ready to find its new home.

I got the finishing work complete, and its been washed and dried.

Super fun pattern to have used neutrals.

Direct Link:

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Blue Crush Quilt, Custom Order

You can almost bounce a quarter off it… ha!

Its all pinned and sammiched, ready for the quilting 🙂

This one is more of an Art Project. The beauty of it is no 2 squares are the same.

All different in color, and size. Its tricky to put together, custom making pieces to get them to come together without showing where the seams are at . Im not even sure how they go together, Its called winging it. 🙂

its a big day for me to get it to this stage 🙂

Custom Order Listing for this quilt located here:

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Newly Finished, Baby Blue and Gray Quilt, Ready to ship

Newly finished, and ready to ship out before Christmas!

Im sure Im wont be able to finish any more before christmas, but I did get this one done.

Its one of my own designs and I worked on it between orders. So It has taken me longer than most

Im always happy to see one cross the finish line 🙂

I hope thispost finds everyone well, and I wish everyone happy holidays, and a bright fresh new year!

Direct link to the listing here:

Sew Ya Later!

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Newly Finished, and Newest Current Projects

As I wind out the year, and get ready for Christmas, I did get one more of my own quilts finished and listed

Im working on 1 other that MIGHT get finished before Christmas

and I have a couple of orders that finished up, and are on their way to their forever home.

Heres whats been sewing on….

Off Set Star quilt, finished ready to ship:

Newly Finished Custom Order

Lamone Star Quilt in Blue and Gray

Made To Order Listing here:

Baby Blue with Gray ~~~Coming out soon~ Getting the quilting finished. I call this quilting ” drops on The Pond”

I hope everyone is well!

I will be back soon 🙂

Sew ya Later~!

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Geese on the Edge, In the making

Also on the design board this month, is another version of Geese on The Edge.

Ive used a simular Ombre Blue fabric, but this time with solid black.

Instead of the gray.

Its nice to see the 2 color ways, both are fun!

Black gives it more of a modern feel.

Im wanting to do one with multi colored and off white.

I think that would be sharp too.

Anyhoo, those are my projects for this week.

This Quilt can be Ordered , and located here:

Sew ya all later!

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On the design wall, coming soon

handmade quilts for sale

36 blocks made. Now for a great border. Im going to try to make this one at least Queen Size~

and have it available soon as a finished quilt. I need to figure out an awesome border for it first. 🙂

It will also be available on a Made To Order basis Soon! (when I sit down and make the listing)


Grey and White Star Quilt~ King Size, Custom order

the listing for this one can be located here:

I had some extra blocks. I will be making these into something fun, eventually. 🙂 look for it to be a Lap size one soon. Always doing something new 🙂

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Diamonds in the Ruff, Custom Order

quilts for sale

So this beauty, is a first for me. Being made for one of my favorite return customers.

She showed me 1 picture and we went from there. Based on black and white, but made with an array of fun bold fabrics. Pictures aren’t doing it justice. Its kept me busy for a while now.

Its been a tricky little “pattern” ~ ( i.e. no pattern ha! ) but I have prevailed, and its turning out so beautiful!

The top is finished now, its ready to start the quilting soon!

Im debating if I will offer it on a made to order basis…. the skill level on this one is higher than most.

But it is a beauty, and once ive done a pattern once, the 2nd time is always easier.

We will see. 🙂

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In limbo waiting for materials/ side projects

Who knew gray fabric would be so hard to find in a ” pandemic”

I have several projects waiting for the back ordered materials.

SO, because I can just sit and wait, Ive been doing smaller quickie projects while I wait. heres a peek of my projects coming up or the ones im working on right now…

Stay well everyone!

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Newly Finished, Geese on the Fly

custom made quilts

I found a beautiful Ombre fabric, and I thought I would try a new pattern with it.

I just love how it turned out! It looks like I used a lot of different colors, but its really just the 1 ombre. Beautiful. I only wish I would have made it bigger, but i didn’t want to run out of fabric. This block was super fun to play with, it can do lots of other sets. I look forward to doing another version. Finding the fabric is the hardest part! 🙂

It measures 74 by 85 ( full size)

This one I do have finished and listed here:

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Finishing up this Week, Corner Pop Quilt

quilts for sale, Quilts By Taylor

This is a classic Beauty!

The Extra Loft Batting really makes the quilting shine!

For Custom Orders on this Pattern the link is here:

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Corner Pop Quilt In the Making

quilt for sale

Today Im putting Rows together on this beauty!

Im blocks short of what I needed~~ cuse math is hard! ha!

Link to the listing in the various sizing is here

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Newly Finished This Week

Patriotic Lone Star Quilt

Super fun Lap size quilt Just in time for 4th of July!

Now that stores are open again I can get the finishing supplies I needed

Look for a few more to be finished up soon 🙂 subscribe for newly finished emails direct to your in box 🙂

This quilt is listed and located here :

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Lamone Star Quilt Finished!

Newly Finished!

Super Fun Custom Order~ it has kept me pretty busy last couple months~! But soooo Worth it when its all said and done!

Ive made this one available for made to order,

its located here:

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Patriotic Lone Star, In the making

patriotic Star Quilt

Ive been wanting to do a Patriotic Star, Well this week was the week!

Im excited with how its going so far…

I have a couple others I have finished here:

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Black and White Lone Star Quilt, In the Making

New this week in the sewing room, a modern take with color on a lone star

I forgot how fun these are to see come alive!

Now to work for an idea for he border 🙂

Link to my Finished Quilt Section :

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Floating Squares Quilt, Made To Order Quilts

Big Day here! Quilting and Binding is finished 🙂

Its always a good feeling with you get a big quilt like this finished , Still

2 Quilted Pillow cover to do yet, but soon to be on its

way to its new forever home.

Made to Order Listing for this one is here in my store

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Tiny Charms Quilt~ Quilts in the Making

On my last day before work, I always try to do something new with ALL the scraps I have. Just kidding I could never use all the scraps I have ! LOL

But this little combo is pretty cool. A TON of things you could do with these! A whole bunch of them would be awesome. Or very few of them floating in a large open areas would make it more modern. Just love this little block.

I dont have a listing for these yet, as I dont like to do that until I finish, and I have no idea if I will finishe it right away, or if I get busy and have to put it aside. Im happy to make a listing if you would like to order.

So many quilts … so little time ~~ ox

sew ya later!

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Hexagon Quilt is finished!

quilts for sale

Im always excited to get any quilt finished, getting to the finish line takes

motivation. ( as i look around and see a few unfinished quilt tops around here… that I will get to eventually~LOL)

must be why it feels good to stay with it to the very end.

The fun bright fabrics in this one really came together well!

The quilting I gave this one gave it such nice drape and such a nice textile.

This quilt will be around for a very long time 🙂

This quilt can be ordered, in your choice of colors and sizes Here

Hexagon Quilt—-> Made To Order

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Finished up This Week, Irish Chain Quilt

Off to its new forever home! Classic Beauty, Irish Chain. Done in Teal whites and some gray accents.

This one has a feathery pea pod quilting design, very beautiful~ and as always im sorta sad to see it go.

Ive often wonder if I had ALL the quilts I ever made back,… how many would there be? Ive lost track.

I know I have 1000’s of photos, and some quilts i only made once, and only a couple that I didn’t finish. HA!

This Quilt can be made to order in custom sizing and colors here:

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Cascade Of Hexagon’s/ Hexagon Quilt in the Making

This Beautiful Bright one is coming along awesome! Im working on the border idea now. This one is for a great customer, who has several of my quilts. We worked together through photos and comparisons to come up with this classic, bright and cheerful combo of colors and pattern. Love it! I have it listed for ordering located here:

Getting started on a new one for me 🙂
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Corner Pop Quilt, Custom Made Quilts

Getting some thread love this week, Corner Pop Quilt. Done in a variety of beautiful Blues

Ive been trying to get my own projects finished up before Christmas, so many quilts, so little time! 🙂

This is one of my absolute favorites. I chose a shell design for the free motion quilting on this one.

I have one more round of borders to go/

This is available on a made to order basis located here:
same pattern, Different Quilting
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Modern Handmade Quilts, all white, custom quilted

This week, I’m in free motion!

beautiful white quilting getting some thread love 🙂

also links to some of my newest finished quilts!
handmade Quilts
finished last week and is now available 🙂
Handmade Quilts
Newly Finished
handmade quilt for sale×67/
Newly finished