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Doubly Charmed Quilt, 2.0 In Navy Blue/ White

So My new project is a new color way for the Doubly Charmed Quilt

Navy Blue and White / multi colored~ super cute!

You might remember the original I did fairly recently,

I did it in Light Blue. I also have tried a block trying it with Red as the accent. also sharp 🙂

and I found an alternate layout for this pattern also. Its fun to do a pattern more than once.

You get to apply what you learned the first time, and it makes it fun for the visual of seeing it in different colors.

here is the orginal, and then the alternate layout that I stumbled upon with working this new project,

You can locate the Made to order listing for a quilt like this here:

The Original finished quilt is listed here:

Also next up for quilting…

This beautiful digital print, will be wall sized, made for décor

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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