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5 New Lap Size Quilts ready for Christmas~ Scrap Management Quilts, finally got 5 finished! Will make great gifts!

So I’m super excited to list of these next 5 quilts. Not only to list them, but all 5 at once. 🙂

They are priced to be a sure hit for someone special on your gift list.

As we all know Christmas and Holiday come quickly. In a quilters world it is already here.

At this point these will be some of the last quilts I get done for the year, Based on My scrap management plan

I pushed on and got 5 finished. ( no this isn’t all of them, I could NEVER finish all of them) But I waited to get these 5 all listed at once.

Almost all of these are double batted, and 100% cotton. So all very durable. The abstract one I almost didnt want to part with, as it took SOOOO long to acquire enough ” scraps” to make this small quilt.

I have them located in my SALE section, located here:

I hope everyone had a great summer! Ive been outside a lot, fixing things from last winter, just in time for another winter. Thats how it works here in the Inland NW. Im hoping we catch a break with an easy winter here this time.

Although, cooler weather keep me inside quilting. So either way I will be back soon!

Sew Ya Later!

All Made To Order Quilts ( 10 to 12 weeks)

All other Finished Quilts :

Thank you!

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Doubly Charmed take 2 ~ Patchwork Quilt in the making

This is a super cute pattern. I knew when I made it the first time, you could make several variations, by changing 1 color. And it might really look like a different quilt. The first time I made it I used more of a multi colored version, but having the blue as the main colors. This time I changed the background to gray, and made the chain blocks their own color in this case white. Such a huge difference. This version is very bold with the gray and white, where as the 1st time it had a completely softer look. Its always so fun to do a quilt more than once and see the changes you can make.

So I still have to work on a border idea, but it will be listed soon.

The made to order option located here:

Also I had a border change on my crazy triangles quilt, Its looking sharp!

Crazy Triangles Quilt, Made To Order here:

Made To Order Full List here:

Ready to Ship Quilts here:

Its been awesome weather here, I hope everyone is enjoying the summer months 🙂

if you ever have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here and I can email you back.

And I OFTEN change my blog posts to update the finished pictures, so check back as I may have added new pictures to older post>< ( they are always changing)>< 🙂

Sew Ya Later!

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Crazy Triangles Quilt in the making, Multi colored with Burgundy

Super cute Multi colored with a beautiful burgundy.

There are over 1140 pieces in the quilt center, it takes on a stained glass feel. Just love it 🙂

here is some of the processes I did to get where I am at today, which is ready for the quilting.

After I got the center completed, I worked on the Migrating Geese Border. and built it to King size. Its now ready for the best part. The quilting. Im trying to decide on the thread colors. Its been fun putting this one together. 🙂

You can order a quilt like this, in any color way located here:

All other made to Order quilts here:

Finished Quilts Ready to ship here:

Couple more coming up soon, Ive been busy getting repairs done and sooo much to do, so little time!

I hope everyone is well and your enjoying the summer 🙂 Sew ya later!

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Color Falls quilt 2.0

So this was a pattern I loved doing. I did it like the pattern suggested the 1st time, as far as colors. But I knew it would be beautiful done in a softer tone of colors.

So this week I decided to re live this one. with soft greay and Purples, and floral prints~

It just foes to show ya how different patterns can look based simply on color selections.

Very soft on the eyes.

Rainbow Falls Quilt / Made to Order –>>

All Made To Order Quilts:

All Finished Ready to Ship Quilts —>

Couple peeks at 2 small throw quilts that are finished now, and will be listed today 🙂

Also One of my favorite projects came to life this week also. My Graffiti Crumb Quilt. These blocks I made over a period of several years. With bits and pieces I had along the way. Then they got put away for a while. I thought it needed a ” border. after more than a year… unfinished….. it was time to just do it. And I’m so glad I did, It is finally finished! And the saying is… a perfect quilt is a finished quilt. BOOM~~ one more Un Finished Object completed! ( UFO)

Feels good to finish!

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Crazy Squares Quilt in Sunshine Yellows!

Such a great variety of Fabrics! all in beautiful yellows. and LOTS of squares~

Ive done this pattern many times, this is a first doing all yellow. Such a bright happy quilt!

To order one like this, Crazy Squares~ located here :

Also I have some smaller fun sized quilts coming out for June, here’s a few pics of the first ones :

Just starting a new Churn Dash Quilt~ Ive only done this pattern once, and it was super cute.

Link to made to order Churn Dash Quilt here:

LInk To all other Made To Order Quilts here:

Link to all Finished/ ready to ship quilts here:

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Log Cabin Wall Hanging, and other projects, 25% off all finished quilts

This week Im working on a really cute wall hanging. Log Cabin with Blues and batiks 🙂

Bright happy quilt! Made To Order a quilt like this here:

Also coming up soon My Cracker box quilt.

What is a cracker box quilt? well…. as a on going forever project is to make 4 inch blocks from the scraps I make. Rather than put the scraps away I try to make a block. and when I got a big stack of blocks I needed something to store them in as I don’t always work on it. I looked around the hose, and found a saltine cracker box. The perfect 4 inch block fit…. haha. That is a cracker box quilt. 🙂 My plan is to make it several more rows bigger and wil be up for sale eventually 🙂

I also have one that will be up soon, This one has some great blocks, trip around the world in blocks. But then sashed with black and white. one of my favorite color combos together, Reminds me of stained glass colors.

Stawberries and Cream Hexagon quilt is finished!

Completely custom Quilted, and such a cute quilt. I can make one similar to this here>

Subscribe to the left, for email updates when new quilts are listed 🙂

Check out my 25% off Flash sale, 25% off all my finished quilts located here:

Please email me or comment on this post to have me apply the sale price to the quilt your wanting .

Have a great day!

Sew ya Later!

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25% off Flash Sale! Subscriber only sale! Any finished quilt in stock! Big or Small! Raising the roof Sale~ :) through May. Ends June 1st.

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is well! Its a beautiful Spring day here finally!!

What a winter we had! here in the NW it was bitter cold and lots of snow. and lots of ICE~

As luck would have it, I discovered I had some Ice Damage this winter that I just realized happened ~ 🙁

Im still not sure if I need a whole new roof, or if its not that bad. I’m in the process of finding out now. ( yikes!)

Not much quilting gets done if the roof doesn’t work… LOL BUT mine is from the ice, so I have no problems leaking yet…. Being a home owner can really be tricky when you can work on them yourselves. But I push on 🙂

and so. ANYHOO>>>> So I came up with a fun idea and to offer to my subscriber only sale. You pick the quilt/ ypu pick the sale.

Any quilt I have in the finished, ready to ship section is 30 % off to all of my subscribers~ know someone who isnt a subscriber? sign them up to take advantage of this Month of May sale.

Big or small Its your sale! I will run this offer for the month of may. If you find one you want just drop me a hello on this post and I will email you back and change the price to reflect the sale. No holds.

(Sale has now ended)

There are some beautiful options, Big and small!

I have a beautiful Hexagon quilt going, I’m anxious to get back at it ! while I wait on workers to get me fixed up 🙂

Thank you all for your continued support, and I will be back soon 🙂

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Log Cabin Quilt all finished up, Hexagon Quilt in the making

Newly finished order 🙂

Log Cabin, with Blues and creams, so sweet! This pattern throws that 3 D effect especially after the quilting.

Which with this one I did with all straight line stitching. I had so much fun with the ruler work.

You can order a quilt like this one here:

Also New in the work room this week is a Strawberries and Cream Hexi Quilt.

This set of fabrics were sent to me, and Im having fun with all the variety. Perfect for this Hexi pattern

Link to order the HEXAGON listing is located here:

Also Im working on another log cabin quilt, based off hand dyed blues with Batiks VERY different than the blues and creams from above… which is why I think its fun to see how different they can be based on the color ways you use.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter , and enjoy your weekend

Sew ya later!

Link To Blog:

Link To Made To Order Quilts:

Link to Ready to ship Quilts :

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Newly Finished Whole Cloth Quilt, and Log Cabin variation in the making, Floral design quilting started!

handmade quilts

I just finished this beautiful whole cloth quilt.

This one is Off White/ and is a very large quilt! 101 X 119 Its going to look great in a big beautiful room!

This one is 100% cotton, and has quite the textile to it. Pictures don’t do it justice.

You can order one like this here:

Also up on deck, a new variation of a Log Cabin Quilt, done in some beautiful blues and creams.

This one gets better as you go and when its actually sewn together it has a awesome 3D look.

You can order a Pattern like this located here:

I also have a new floral design up for the quilting now. Its double stuffed, and super pretty Digital Print that I just love embellishing with some fun free motion, hand guided quilting.

I also have 2 more different one of these, finished and listed located here: and here :

Just getting it started now 🙂

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Newly Listed, Dream Big Flower Quilt, 98 X 97

I’m finally getting back to listing this one…. I thought I had it listed…. but I never finished do it. Computer work isn’t my wheelhouse. I try, but really I’m just hunting and pecking to understand how these sites work. LOL I would rather be sewing!

Anyhoo… This digital Fabric panel is made by Robert Kauffman. It is the biggest size they made, and is now sold out. So I’m glad to have grabbed up 2. I made this one which has no borders and measures 97 X 98

I hope everyone is staying warm~~ in this extended winter we are having here, we are still shoveling snow since November 11.. almost 6 months~~~ I’m ready for this global warming to kick in…. LOL

Have a great weekend everyone, here’s all the links

The link to this large flower listing is here:

I have smaller versions of this panel, and a finished version of it here:

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Newly Listed! Log Cabin Quilt in Purple and White Beautiful Free Motion

I just finished up this super pretty Log Cabin.

I was so excited to have made this! Such a classic pattern and so many ways it could be done. I chose this setting called ” Barn Raising” but it has several ways you could lay it out.

I did some simple straight line quilting through the colors, and then did a free motion feather design around it. Its a beauty! The backing is also purple, and all 100% cotton.

Link to this finished Quilt here:

I also have it now in the~~ Made to Order~~ section also. located here:

I hope everyone is staying warm! I will be back soon with pics of a NEW whole cloth quilt><

Sneak peek at the bottom><

Link to Order a hole cloth quilt here:

Click here for all other Made TO Order Quilts:

Click here for all my other FINISHED quilts 🙂

Sew Ya Later! 🙂

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Newly Listed, Pinwheel Quilt, 80 X 90

I got this cutie all finished up, and ready for a new home 🙂

It washed up nice and ended up being a nice size queen/ full

it measures 80 X 90 and will have no additional shrinkage.

I still have 4 more scrappy quilts I was able to get this month. I have them almost all ready to get to the quilting and so I will be having several more this month coming out. 🙂

link to listing here:

If you would like to order one like this

the > Made To Order> listing is located here:

All other Made to Order Quilts:

All other Finished ready to ship quilts here:

Be back soon!


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Newly Listed, Blue and Green Scrappy Beauty

Ok last post for today I forgot I did get the blue and green one finished and it is listed and ready for a forever home.

These Blocks were super fun to make. Done in a ” trip Around the World” pattern in 1 block miniature form.

Its a super scrappy and classic patchwork style quilt, with some great quilting and Ombre border fabric.

the listing for this quilt is located here:

And….. thats all for this week

I hope everyone is well!

Sew ya Later!

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The last Of Scrap Management month, NEW Log Cabin Quilt, Purple and White

So Scrap Management month was great! I condensed a lot of things down, and now have room to store more!

Im not sure that was the plan~ but hey~ it was a plan of some sorts~ 🙂

I ended up piecing 4 or 5 smaller quilt tops I made out of my stash, and a few other things I can use for borders later.

some of them turned out good, and some GREAT. 1 of them was really ugly. I quit as soon as I realized I didn’t like it…. LOL ~~ so that one goes in pile of UFOs for some other day~. ( Un Finished Object) 🙂

I had lots of purples~~And I thought of the perfect thing for those strips was a Log Cabin Quilt,

It should be up for quilting soon. TBC

If you would like to order one Like this Log Cabin it can be found here :

It doesnt show the completed piece I should have it finished next week. It will have a purple backing and be a large queen.

Thank you so much for looking at my projects, I have lots of other projects but dont want to spam peoples mail box

so I try to keep them short and sweet… LOL

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New Pinwheel Quilt with updated quilting almost finished! Scrappy Quilt Month


this Pinwheel Quilt is finished, and is listed here:

This is a classic pattern I just love doing!

when trying to make room for more 5 inch squares I love making pinwheels.

I have done it several times, and quilted each one a little different. In the past I’ve done it mostly with pastels,

This one is earthy darker tones with off white. with some awesome free motion quilting.

If you would like to order one like this in different colors, or a bigger size

The Made To Order listing is here:

Have a Great Day!

Be back soon!