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Crazy Triangles Quilt in the making, Multi colored with Burgundy

Super cute Multi colored with a beautiful burgundy.

There are over 1140 pieces in the quilt center, it takes on a stained glass feel. Just love it 🙂

here is some of the processes I did to get where I am at today, which is ready for the quilting.

After I got the center completed, I worked on the Migrating Geese Border. and built it to King size. Its now ready for the best part. The quilting. Im trying to decide on the thread colors. Its been fun putting this one together. 🙂

You can order a quilt like this, in any color way located here:

All other made to Order quilts here:

Finished Quilts Ready to ship here:

Couple more coming up soon, Ive been busy getting repairs done and sooo much to do, so little time!

I hope everyone is well and your enjoying the summer 🙂 Sew ya later!

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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