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Doubly Charmed take 2 ~ Patchwork Quilt in the making

This is a super cute pattern. I knew when I made it the first time, you could make several variations, by changing 1 color. And it might really look like a different quilt. The first time I made it I used more of a multi colored version, but having the blue as the main colors. This time I changed the background to gray, and made the chain blocks their own color in this case white. Such a huge difference. This version is very bold with the gray and white, where as the 1st time it had a completely softer look. Its always so fun to do a quilt more than once and see the changes you can make.

So I still have to work on a border idea, but it will be listed soon.

The made to order option located here:

Also I had a border change on my crazy triangles quilt, Its looking sharp!

Crazy Triangles Quilt, Made To Order here:

Made To Order Full List here:

Ready to Ship Quilts here:

Its been awesome weather here, I hope everyone is enjoying the summer months 🙂

if you ever have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here and I can email you back.

And I OFTEN change my blog posts to update the finished pictures, so check back as I may have added new pictures to older post>< ( they are always changing)>< 🙂

Sew Ya Later!

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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