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quilts for sale


I Love to Make Quilts, I have been quilting and sewing for most of my adult life.modern quilt

I have more ideas on quilts I want to make

then there is time to do them all

! 🙂 I do what I can, and I get things done. Im a finisher, full time Quilter

and I like to get to the finish line with quilts. They are a lot of work, planning and follow through.

I pride my self in professional Quality work. I do all the steps on my own and hire out for nothing. What I like to say about my quilts are they are more densely quilted that most I see online.

I have had my other Store On Etsy for about 5 years now. It seems awesome to now be able to include the Blog

Part of having your own website. 🙂 And Im officially a DOT COM.  yay!!

Quilts By Taylor On Etsy Store is HERE



Made to Order Quilts
Homemade Queen Quilts
Quilted Pillow Sham
Doodles on Fiber

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So Please Bare with me as I ” Catch Up” to learning “web Design”  🙂

and while I build some Blog posts up on the making of my quilts

ENJOY my Photos! and Thank you for Considering Handmade!






Body Pillows
Quilted Pillow Sham

handmade quilts for sale

Classic Patchwork Quilts quilts for sale modern patchwork

6 thoughts on “About Me, My Shop, How to Place an Order

  1. Going good…..I looked around. Pretty neat!!

  2. Thank you CLynn! Its a lot of work to get a real web site up and running! But I did it! Thank you for looking around 🙂

  3. Hi! Do you repair quilts? I have a beautiful quilt with antique fabrics, but in a couple of patches, the fabric has come apart and I’m not a sewer at all. I’m afraid to even wash it now. I can send a pic if you do this kind of work. Thanks!

  4. Hi Susan!
    Im sorry I dont usually do repairs. But if you go into a nice fabric store they usually have names and connections to people who can do repairs. I know a lot of people who sew often leave their info for reasons just like this.

  5. We are interested in the Hunter Star quilt, the multicolor one that has red, blue, green and brown. We would like it in a twin size – around 70″ by 100″. Can you do this and how much would it cost? Thanks for your reply!

  6. Mine is the post above, but please reply to me by E-mail as I’m not on Facebook or regularly checking the website. Thanks!!

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