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So here’s a quick list of the things I have been asked over the many years of quilting and for the many years of selling and making my Quilts online for my customers. By far what I do the most are return customers. The quilts I make truly are keepsake items.   I am always happy to try something new,  and do a new pattern not seen here on my site)  feel free to send me pics of other quilts, im happy to look and see if its one I can do.

in case you’re wondering  ~~” How does this work”?   feel free to contact me before hand to discuss size and colors.~~~ but Here are some of  the BASICS FAQ’s: ~~~~~

After you make your purchase, I will start with pictures of fabrics, and color choices and your style in mind, we will start to build the collection based on your colors, and fabrics for your Quilt. After we have decided on fabrics and colors and confirm the size I can get started on making your Quilt.  There are always choices and different options that may or may not come up along the way, depending on th pattern. I am good about discussing your options , showing in pictures if I can.  and to let you see the process of Making your Quilt. It’s always fun to share the fun. 

Materials:  I always use 100% Cotton Fabrics, New, Quality Fabrics, and all is pre washed before making your Quilt. With custom orders, the backing fabrics can be coordinated to your quilt, but it is a speciality fabric, and is limited in variety.

Quilt Care:  I pre wash all my fabrics before I make your Quilt, and after I make your Quilt.My Quilts are made to be used and love in real life. Machine Wash ( in Large washer) with cool water, Mild Soap.Tumble dry on med heat. Because I will have washed it already for the first time, It wont be scary for you to wash it. Never Dry Clean your quilt. Dry Cleaning a quilt is hard on the Thread. I use a cotton wrapped with polyester thread for the quilting.  and the chemicals are not good on the poly thread.

Turn Around Time

My Turn around time also varies. I will start after we have somewhat decide on fabrics and sizing and colors.  But it can  Vary on a lot of things. Hand Dyed Items always take longer.  I do my quilts in the order they come in, so I  basically say 10 to 12 weeks to be safe. Often it is sooner than that 🙂

HOW to Gauge the SIZING for your needs<– important!   Easiest thing to do  is to  measure how many inches you’re wanting to hang off the edge of your size bed,   ~it’s not about the surface measures of your bed which are standard in measures.   It’s about:  how much you want to drape on the side of your bed. Everyone has different needs. Some have wooden frames and want no drape. I personally use a King size quilt on a Queen size bed. I like a lot of drape.  Please make sure you order the right size for what you need. Taking measures is the best way to decide that. I know the measures, but its best if you know.

Noteworthy on ALL my quilts, is if you know your measures, is  my sizes are all AFTER washing. I pre wash all your fabrics before I make the quilt, And I will have washed and dried your quilt , That means, You will have  no shrinkage after you wash it, and My Lap Sizing is generous.

My  “lap size”  quilt”  they are on the larger side of most of what I see online. They come out approx. 75 X 85.

I do not offer Twins or Full. Some patterns cant be scaled down to those narrow measures. The lap size almost fits for those sizes, but arent as long as Twins or Full. I can make Lap Sizes in Extra Long, please message me if your wanting an X Long Lap/ i can create a custom listing.


I am a free form, Free Motion Quilter. I do use a machine to do the quilting. But it is not computerized. Basically that means is Im free style,  Im more Organic.  I use a long arm machine to do all the finishing myself. I use Quality Thread and can and will quilt it in several designs or motifs we may decide on.

My Basic Stippling, Meandering stitch gives great texture, and with Med Density, so its quilted more than most quilts I see online. It is truly what I feel is the best part and is more of why my price structure here is what it is. To pay someone just to the actual  quilting on  these big quilts have starting rates around 400.00.  Custom Quilting Prices starting MUCH higher than that. 

I don’t  pay for someone to do that.  I do it all myself  from start to finish . And I pride myself in quality professional level work. Please refer to any of my links to see close-ups of my quilting. 🙂


I make Beautiful Keepsake Quilts with quality fabrics and notions. My  Quilts  are  meant to be used and loved in a~ real life way. Do they last forever? They can as long as cared for properly. Do people love them even more the longer they have them? YES> Quilts are one of those things that people have everyday in their lives for a long time. And they cherish and endear as time goes by.  My Quilts are machine washable (in a big enough washer), cool water mild soap. Tumbled Dry on med. to low heat. Simple care instructions can make your quilt be around for your next generations.

Anyhoo, thats a bit about how my process works.

I am happy to answer any questions, or clear any confusion I may have caused>< 🙂

20 thoughts on “Custom Quilt Orders/ How my process works

  1. Going good…..I looked around. Pretty neat!!

  2. Thank you CLynn! Its a lot of work to get a real web site up and running! But I did it! Thank you for looking around 🙂

  3. Hi! Do you repair quilts? I have a beautiful quilt with antique fabrics, but in a couple of patches, the fabric has come apart and I’m not a sewer at all. I’m afraid to even wash it now. I can send a pic if you do this kind of work. Thanks!

  4. Hi Susan!
    Im sorry I dont usually do repairs. But if you go into a nice fabric store they usually have names and connections to people who can do repairs. I know a lot of people who sew, and often leave their info for reasons just like this.

  5. We are interested in the Hunter Star quilt, the multicolor one that has red, blue, green and brown. We would like it in a twin size – around 70″ by 100″. Can you do this and how much would it cost? Thanks for your reply!

  6. Mine is the post above, but please reply to me by E-mail as I’m not on Facebook or regularly checking the website. Thanks!!

  7. I do not know if this is the right place to ask for info re my potential quilt. I was wondering if a split bottom is possible due to my antique bed need . Also, full is not listed in any posted quilts and I have a full bed. I noted above measurements for full and instruction how to measure. I love the blue jewel tone fabric in several of the posted quilts, and would like to have one. How much would a double and a double xl cost with alteration if available. I would appreciate any info. Thanks
    Katherine Madden

  8. Hi Taylor, I’m interested in having a quilt made. It will be a whopper for sure. 115 in wide and 130 in long. I am over the pillow shams and extra decorative pillows on my bed and just want this to work like a bed spread but much prettier! Would you be interested? I understand it could take even longer than usual but that’s ok.

  9. Hi Kathy,
    Im happy to talk about a quilt that size 🙂 I will send you a direct email.

  10. Hi Kathy, I thought I could locate your email, but Im not seeing it. you can contact me at

  11. Hi! I would love to order a custom queen size quilt. Sent a message on Instagram but figured I’d leave a message here too! Absolutely love your work! Thanks in advance!

  12. Hi Natalie 🙂
    Im terrible about checking InstaGram,
    i tried to send an email…
    I dont have an address 🙁

  13. Could you email me about ordering a Queen quilt please.

  14. Hi Penny, I sent you a direct email yesterday. Please check your spam folder, I may have gone to junk mail.

  15. I hope you got my email!

  16. May I ask, what do you by “the backing fabrics can be coordinated to your quilt”? And, is there a way to make a quilt warmer or cooler?

  17. Backing fabric can be coordinated by Color is what I meant. I can generally find a color that coordinates with the front colors. As far as warmer and cooler…im not sure there is a way to make them cooler as I use cotton batting, and it can be used year round. . But if you wanted warmer, it could have a flannel backing, or what I do is put an additional layer on the bed underneath the quilt for really cold temps.

  18. Hi Abbey, I sent a detailed message back to your last email, and never heard back… I will re send it in a fresh email…

  19. Hi Taylor!

    What beautiful quilts! Might it be possible to make a quilt to be hung on a wall by attaching 2 or
    3 tabs (maybe more) to the top (of a queen-size quilt) to put a curtain rod through. I am actually interested in your big pink flower one, “Dream Big” to place on a wall going upstairs to a bedroom. I love the colors.

  20. Hello Patricia, I sent you an email, watch your spam box, often I get put in there 🙂

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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