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Newly Finished Floral Wall décor, and English Garden Star quilt/ Doubly Charmed in Navy Blue

handmade quilts for sale

Newly finished! Beautiful Digital Print by Kauffman.

I gave it the borders and quilting.

Super cute! would be a great addition to the right room, couch. This one is finished and ready to ship!

would make a Great Christmas gift!

( i Know hate to think of December… but as a quilter this is the time to be getting ready! 🙂

And I am in the process of quilting this little nugget. 🙂

I have done lots of star quilts. I run out of ideas of how to quilt them, and sometimes i pick one motif and do the blocks all the same. This time I decided to do each block slightly different. It sorta messed with my need to be neat and tidy… ( I call it useful OCD) BUT once you throw caution to the wind, I can roll with variety/ mixed motifs. And the stars themselves aren’t the same either so it works out perfect! I haven’t decided yet as to how to do the other half of the border, I will save that for last…. LOL Over all its going to be a sweet little quilt. I have also used a chiffon yellow thread, which doesn’t really show in the pics, but a great small detail when you see it in real time.

Ive edited this listing if you would like to order a quilt like this here:

And… Next up for quilting is Doubly Charmed 2.0 In Nany Blue. This one is a beauty, and its a King so Its a big project!

Im excited to start dropping thread on this one 🙂

You can order doubly charmed here:

I hope everyone is well, and enjoying their summer!

Sew Ya Later! 🙂

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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