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Color Falls quilt 2.0

So this was a pattern I loved doing. I did it like the pattern suggested the 1st time, as far as colors. But I knew it would be beautiful done in a softer tone of colors.

So this week I decided to re live this one. with soft greay and Purples, and floral prints~

It just foes to show ya how different patterns can look based simply on color selections.

Very soft on the eyes.

Rainbow Falls Quilt / Made to Order –>>

All Made To Order Quilts:

All Finished Ready to Ship Quilts —>

Couple peeks at 2 small throw quilts that are finished now, and will be listed today 🙂

Also One of my favorite projects came to life this week also. My Graffiti Crumb Quilt. These blocks I made over a period of several years. With bits and pieces I had along the way. Then they got put away for a while. I thought it needed a ” border. after more than a year… unfinished….. it was time to just do it. And I’m so glad I did, It is finally finished! And the saying is… a perfect quilt is a finished quilt. BOOM~~ one more Un Finished Object completed! ( UFO)

Feels good to finish!

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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