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New Projects! Dream Big Flower Quilt, Doubly Charmed Star quilt, New Motif for my Irish Chain, and a Patriotic Star quilt

So I was lucky to have found this digital Floral panel BEFORE they sold out. ha! This project is a special one.

I have done many of these panels by Kauffman, but it has mostly been the 44 inch or the 60 inch ones. This one is 108 inches!

and is quite different because of the scale of the petals. These are so much bigger its allowing me to do a variety of motifs, on each one~ . So I decided I would take time and smell the roses with this one. I have no plan other than to do each petal different πŸ™‚

Going to be a beauty to see it finished. I may update on this one before its finished, as its taking me longer to decide the quilting as I go. It will be up for sale soon, and……. I did get 1 more just like it. sooo I might take a custom order for it, but I only have the one. ( for now) I will keep looking back as the have another colorway of dark purples and blues. but I haven’t gotten one yet. They sell out fast/

So Im enjoying quilting this one graffiti style and just have fun πŸ™‚ We all need more fun, and less doom… LOL anyhoo….

I might be here a while… ha!

But I also have 2 new patterns going, Doubly Charmed, and Ripples.

and 1 new almost finished Irish Chain. ( listed soon this week)

Doubly Charmed: in multi colors/ haven’t decided what the borders will be yet, or how big it will end up>< but the pattern is so sweet, and would look great in other color variations. I will try to get a listing started for this one soon, so it can be custom ordered also.

Irish Chain Finishing soon~ Also I have this one ready to be bound on the edge, and washed, which means …it will (should be) be up listed this week. It measures Before washing: 102 X 106. So it will be King size. but i wont know the actual size until after I wash it

I have been wanting to try a differnt motif, so there would be more than one options on this beautiful, simple, classic design. I finally made it happen. Sooo many quilts i want to do, sooo little time! πŸ™‚ I will update the listing with these new photos.

Updated: this quit is now finished, and ready to ship :

the link to custom order one like this, with my new quilting pattern can be found here:

2 ~ And then this one going on this week is a Red White and Blue Patriotic one~~ that is my first time doing this pattern~ ”

Ripples” Another Deb tucker pattern. very sharp patterns.

Super fun, and lots of open space for some creative quilting. This one still has a ways to go this is just the center . It will be getting a lot more white and 4 more stars on each corner. and isn’t actually bright white, I like my USA quilts almost always in antique white so it has a more vintage look. But could be ordered bright white. and it would be nice in other color ways. I will soon have it listed on made to order when I have more completed pictures.

So as usual, I have several things going, everything always gets finished, but not always in the order I started.

and focusing on just one at a time isn’t how I do it. ha! Keeps me from getting bored. Try to keep up! LOL

Sooo.. next couple of weeks some of these will be listed and finished.

I hope everyone is well, and Sew Ya Later!

4 thoughts on “New Projects! Dream Big Flower Quilt, Doubly Charmed Star quilt, New Motif for my Irish Chain, and a Patriotic Star quilt

  1. Your quilts are beautiful!!
    Thank you for sharing your passion with the world!!
    You have been blessed with such talent that each quilt is a master piece!
    I enjoy mine everyday!!! Can’t wait to order my next one!

  2. Thanks Sista! Thank You for appreciating my work, and taking th time to say! Love it, Thank you!

  3. Love your scrappy quilt using a riff on the triangle in square blocks with the chain. Too much scrappiness makes my eyes go all googly. But scraps used in this fashion with a cohesive background and pattern really showcases the fabrics used (with no googly eyes). I also like your smart use of using one piece of fabric instead of two in your chain blocks. I’m a big believer in never using two patches when one will do. Saves time, fabric and seams. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you so much! I know what you mean by googly eyes… ha! I like all kinds of patterns for different reasons, But I know some patterns make ya dizzy!

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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