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Color Falls Quilt is Finished! Purple with florals, very cute!

This is such a fun pattern to do, Ive done it in other colors. But this time I decided to use some florals.

I love the sot on the eyes about small florals.

I wanted to quilt this one different than the last, so I could show completely different quilting designs for the pattern/ listing,

This one has fun little baskets I made with curved cross hatch, and paisleys super fun to quilt once I decided what to do~~~ sometimes the hardest part. Deciding what to do. LOL so it took me longer than some because I got it on the machine nd then just looked at it for a LONG time…. ha~~ being creative on demand isnt always so easy. 🙂

Anyhoo…. It turned out amazing and I’m happy to get it listed 🙂

It measures : 78 X 85/ so it covers a queen, but has very little drape. ( plz double check the measure)

the link to it is here:

I hope everyone is well! Its getting colorful here with fall colors, my favorite time of year! Here is a couple random projects Im working on 🙂

Be back soon!

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Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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