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3 Day Flash Sale! Pick your Sale, pick the quilt! All finished Quilts on sale

Hello! I hope everyone is well! Its time again for a quick flash sale 🙂

I had so much fun getting quilts to my subscribers last time, I decided its time to do it again!

Perfect Timing to get your quilt now before Christmas. for gifts or if there is one you have been eyeing.

This time I will do it a little different, its going to be a 3 day only sale. Starting with today ( Sunday) as early start~~

1st day is 40% off~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nov 6th,

2nd day is 30% off~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nov. 7th,

3rd day ( last day) is 20% off~~~~~~~~ Nov. 8th.

I have 38 quilts in my finished section It is located here:

The way it works is you have to email me, ( comment on this post~ if your a subscriber I have your email) I can contact you back. Just let me know which one you want the sale on, I will then edit the listing for you.

We have to ne online at the same time, so no one else can get it before you. 🙂

This way is way easier than me selecting a few and putting them on sale, and you get the quilt you want. Pick your sale!

I know this year things are tight and we all have had to endure a lot of…. stuff. LOL ( I will leave it at that)

But I really do enjoy my quilts to find homes! Better than me just storing them. Plus I need more room to make more… LOL

Anyway As I said I hope everyone is well, and Hope you finding time to smell the roses when you can and look forward to a new and brighter year ahead. 🙂 This would be my Christmas sale on finished quilts.

Thank you all for following my blog and Im glad to offer this offer to subscribers only.

Sew Ya Later!

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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