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The last Of Scrap Management month, NEW Log Cabin Quilt, Purple and White

So Scrap Management month was great! I condensed a lot of things down, and now have room to store more!

Im not sure that was the plan~ but hey~ it was a plan of some sorts~ 🙂

I ended up piecing 4 or 5 smaller quilt tops I made out of my stash, and a few other things I can use for borders later.

some of them turned out good, and some GREAT. 1 of them was really ugly. I quit as soon as I realized I didn’t like it…. LOL ~~ so that one goes in pile of UFOs for some other day~. ( Un Finished Object) 🙂

I had lots of purples~~And I thought of the perfect thing for those strips was a Log Cabin Quilt,

It should be up for quilting soon. TBC

If you would like to order one Like this Log Cabin it can be found here :

It doesnt show the completed piece I should have it finished next week. It will have a purple backing and be a large queen.

Thank you so much for looking at my projects, I have lots of other projects but dont want to spam peoples mail box

so I try to keep them short and sweet… LOL

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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