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Migrating Geese Quilt with Updated quilting, and Pattern Re-Fresh

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Time for a Quilting Pattern Refresh!

I just love this quilt! The first time I did it I quilted it with those beautiful feathers. I loved it. And so have many others…..and they loved the quilting the way it was. I think Ive made it 4 times, and always have done the same quilting.

So I decided that the only way I can try a new thread path, is to make a spare quilt, which is what this is. spare parts quilt~~ pieces I saved , or made a few extra of so I could make a small quilt.

So this one is a cutie, not real big, but it allows me to do different things in the quilting. Its also double Batted, so its meant for decor and show 🙂

I will put in my sale section when I’m finished and know the exact measure. its approx. 38 X 45 inches right now. nice throw size. ts also not totally finished. check back to this post and I will edit new pics of it finished.

So Now when someone orders it, they can have a variety of quilting to look at and have options, of a new quilting Motif.

So I will be updating the listing with these new photos for an great upgrade to the original 🙂

I you would like to order a larger version of Migrating Geese Quilt

it can be located here:

1 thought on “Migrating Geese Quilt with Updated quilting, and Pattern Re-Fresh

  1. well top of the morning to yeah!
    well how do you choose with so many wonderful patterns!!????
    oh my goodness!!!!
    love your finished quilts great for Christmas gifts!!
    are you able to ship the quit to the gift person???
    cant wait to order!!!
    your work is outstanding!!!

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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