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Another Forgotten Lost Treasure, Dream Big Flower Quilt

dream big flower quilt

3 posts in one day… a LOT for me! ( last one I promise!) 🙂

I discovered another one I meant to list, sooner than now.

I guess I sort of wondered if I would keep it,

or give it as a gift. But I have another one ready to be quilted

that I will be making soon, So I decided to list this super pretty one!

Its a digital print, that I embellished with some fun patchwork borders,

and then of course~ Custom Quilted it, Freehand.

Link to the listing is here:

They come in a lot of different colors, I have a few in my stash, and I will radomly be getting to them all eventually.

Sew many quilt ideas so little time!

I hope everyone is well!

Sew Ya Later

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  1. Do you shipped overseas as I was trying to purchase your flower quilts but was unable to because of the billing address

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