Whole Cloth Quilt, Custom Quilted, Handmade Quilt for Sale, Ready to Ship , King Quilt, 94 X 106


Whole Cloth, Custom Quilted, variegated thread

Finished Quilt, beautiful Teal color front and back.

Ready to Ship/ Measures 94 X 106handmade quiltshandmade quilts

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Beautiful Whole Cloth Quilt, Light Teal in  color front and back.

Finished Quilt , Ready to Ship, 94 X 106

I have nothing but love for this one. Its 1s whole piece of Kona Cotton. no patchwork, just  beautiful custom hand guided  stitching.

For those that want the quilt,~~ but not a busy pattern on the eyes. ~~~( I know there are a lot of people like that) 🙂

The color is Teal. in some lighting it looks grey in the pics, but it is teal.

I just loved making this one, and it has a LOT OF THREAD! 3400 yards of thread to be specific~~ that’s how you know I had a blast!

It has a stitched pattern of over lapping Squares down the center, That I used as frames for the feathers I put in those squares.

The photo can capture it all in one shot. But is a gorgeous one. Its made from Kona cotton front and back is in the same fabric.

On the front I used a variegated thread, in pastel tones, so the detail up close is sweet.

I went at making this quilt, thinking I would make it for myself, because I love teal. I think I do that so if it doesn’t turn out I’m not disappointed.

I start off working as if it were just for me, then there is no pressure. But then I get done, and it turns out great, and I really don’t NEED another quilt…

so then Im willing to sell them. ha!  Keeps me loving what I do.

I have washed and dried it, and it measures> 94 X 106  So no additional shrinkage. It is very densely quilted, and has a beautiful textile.

this quilt is meant to used and loved, and to  be around for years to come.

( can be ordered in other colors, I’m Happy to take request ~~I will check  for color availability!

( does not come in every color, Colors are based on current  availability/  )

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Dimensions 15 × 12 × 8 in

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