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Newly Finished Whole Cloth Quilt, and Log Cabin variation in the making, Floral design quilting started!

handmade quilts

I just finished this beautiful whole cloth quilt.

This one is Off White/ and is a very large quilt! 101 X 119 Its going to look great in a big beautiful room!

This one is 100% cotton, and has quite the textile to it. Pictures don’t do it justice.

You can order one like this here:

Also up on deck, a new variation of a Log Cabin Quilt, done in some beautiful blues and creams.

This one gets better as you go and when its actually sewn together it has a awesome 3D look.

You can order a Pattern like this located here:

I also have a new floral design up for the quilting now. Its double stuffed, and super pretty Digital Print that I just love embellishing with some fun free motion, hand guided quilting.

I also have 2 more different one of these, finished and listed located here: and here :

Just getting it started now 🙂

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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