Starburst Quilt, Handmade Quilt for Sale, Finished Quilt 96 X 98


Super Fun and Bright combo!

Handmade Quilts for SAle


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Ready to ship.
It measures 96 X 98
I have recently this spring finished this beauty!
It is a very classic Star pattern that I gave
and boost to~~~ by the detailed quilting.
Very Fun to see this one evolve,
Rainbow Starbursts, Handmade by me completely through.
I have free Motion Quilted this one and it has a machine Binding finished edge.
It has been washed and dried and will stay this size.
This quilt is a keepsake item, the texture
created from the quilting, means this
quilt is around to stay. 🙂
It has been washed and dried, it measures 96 X 98.
I have it shown on my Queen Bed so you can see scale.
100% Cotton Batting. 100 % cotton Backing,

I will be listing this one on a made to Order Basis, so if you would like it done with different colors

it can be ordered here:

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Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 in


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