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Scrap Management, what to do with all the extra cuts?~~ Quilted handbags!

So I struggle with all the extra scraps and cuts when making so many quilts.

Its a serious job to keep up on them! Its easier to use them if you can, when time allows~~ but there are too many, eventually you have to do something with them!

I like making the table runners, but I don’t have enough tables! LOL

So my new project is to make these very simple ( no pockets or zippers) quilted bags.

I find it relaxing to do simple projects~~~ and who doesn’t need another bag!

anyway~~~ in between orders I try to make good use of my time, these have been fun to play around with 🙂

I plan on taking them into my Salon for great Christmas gifts!

Back to the sewing room!

Also coming up soon a Multi color version of my Irish Chain quilt

made to order located here:

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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