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Scrap Management Month, Using up The 1.5 inch strips

Every year around this time of year, once I realize I’m stuck indoors a lot due to winter, I look around at the scraps I have, all organized in totes according to different cuts. And wonder why I dont do more with them>?

Well the short answer is Im always busy on something. So for the 3rd year in a row I force myself to go through what I have and see what happens. Its become something I look forward to. I spend the month of January not allowing myself to “cut” anything new. ( with exceptions of orders)~ ” Use what I have cut”~ ” make more with what’s already to go”~

So this year I picked up on this cool little block, that uses 1.5 inch strips, which I really needed to use up somehow. ( 1.5 being the smallest scrap I keep)

Super cute Trip Around the World block

Ive tried them in a few colorways just to see. Red White and Blue which is always fun.

And then I have settled in on a blue and green version which Im still working on.

But It is done in a Bargello style, and it has inspired me to do more with the Bargello.

So look for that coming up soon. Meanwhile Im going to make several more of these cuties, and maybe once I get 9 made I will put them together somehow. :)~~ somehow… Lets see what happens~

In the same manor I made these 2 color blocks. Very bold colors, and very scrappy. I have plans to add something black and white around it from this stage,

So thats the 1.5 inch scrappy round up. I have a month to go… to see what I can stir up 🙂

Happy New Year to All!

Sew Ya Later!

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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