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Scrap Management Month~ 2 NEW finished quilts, and upcoming scrappy projects all month

So this is where I started with scrap buster month. After I had to manage my time shoveling 3 FOOT of snow, in 4 storms in 1 month~~ Im glad to have warmed up after 2 months in below freezing! We jumped into winter full force this year!

And so Im back to scrap busting with this quilt, Walk in the Park Quilt~ fun multi colored one here. It ended up measuring 84 X 82, so what I would consider a small queen. I didnt go about it for a particular size, it was based on what I had in my stash, super fun!

Link to that listing here:

Also NEWLY Listed: Jelly Roll Quilt~

I used up SOME of my 2 inch strip stash with this fun pattern, Sewing them all end to end to create 1 long continuous piece. I bet it couls have went around my block twice.. LOL but as you fold and re sew, fold and re sew you come up with a fun mix of scrappy colors. The bonus with this little cutie is its double batted with layers of 100% cotton/ Its a dense and heavy. It ended up being 60 X 89. so again, not a standard bed size. For reference the surface of a queen is 60 X 80.

It has been washed and dried, so no additional shrinkage.

the link to this quilt is located here:

So that’s 2 fun sized quilts finished, and off to keep busting up the scraps.

here’s a few of what I’m working on coming up soon…

OK.. Im off and running!

Sew Ya Later!

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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