Lap Size Quilt, Handmade Quilt, pink and Gray, 51 X 70


Finished Quilt!

Ready to ship

54 X 70



Super Cute! Scrappy pinks and gray and purples.

This finished quilt measures 51 X 70

100 % cotton fabrics, Polyester hi loft batting, and 100% cotton backing.

Quilted with a great texture of wavy groovy lines. It has a great feel to it.

The loft this has is fun, and has great light and shadow.

Would look great on a chair or couch, or anywhere you want a splash of soft color.

Has been washed and dried, so no additional shrinkage later. Easy care! Ready to cherish for many years to come!

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Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 in


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