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Newly finished Wall Hanging, Super sweet Digital print/

So this was a really nice digital print. I embellished it with the flying geese patchwork, and a diamond border.

I had no idea what I intended to do when I started, and had no idea how cool it would be until I finished~

I have this one with Hi Lift poly batting so it has nice shadow and light.

I have 2 more like this one in the process of patchwork now, so there are 2 more coming soon. I did the other 2 slightly different in color, and im in the process of making them a little bigger.

Would make a great Christmas gift. as I wont be making any more of these before the Holiday arrive.

It was my intention to list it, but a fiend of mine stopped by and she decided she had to have it. Shes going to hang it on her wall.

So this one isnt for sale. So check back soon for the other 2 being quilted soon šŸ™‚

Also Newly Listed Dream Big Flower Quilt


Snails Trail Quilt

Ready to ship

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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