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Newly Finished this week, Quilted Handbags

quilted handbags for sale

I spent a good part of this week trying something new~

I came up with some cute handbags!

Super fun, and cute!

2 thoughts on “Newly Finished this week, Quilted Handbags

  1. Do you make extra large ones like a Beach Bag that can hold all the crap you take to the beach or pool

  2. Ive been trying to do some more, I was making them big, then someone wanted smaller ones. so I went that direction.. ha~ they are fun! and durable because they are quilted. . Im Not sure if I will take special orders for them yet or if at all, , but the ones I have made I will be listing soon. I decided to wait until I had a few more made up before listing. check back or sign up for my blog it can notify you when I start listing them. 🙂 my other job was non essential~~ im trapped at home i should get to working! . haha~

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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