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Newly Finished! Storm At Sea Quilt

King Quilt

Newly finished This week~ Storm At Sea~

This one is a nice illusion. Even though it has no curved lines, it appears to have a curve.

I loved making this one for that reason. Being done with 2 colors keeps it simple. any more than 2 colors with this pattern it does get busy.

Its been a pattern Ive done about 3 times now, and this one is my favorite.

Next week or so I will be starting the quilting on my Lone star… getting excited for that one too 🙂

heres the link to the Storm At Sea ~finished quilt~ measures 100 X 102~

Also listed as a Made To Order quilt! here’s the link if you would like to have a Storm At Sea ~ Made To Order~ King or Queen :

2 thoughts on “Newly Finished! Storm At Sea Quilt

  1. Hi there, do you sell a pattern for your big dream flower quilt? I would love to purchase it!

  2. Hi Barb! I just bought 4 more of those dream big panels… and these ones start off at 60 inches. ( verses the smaller one at 40 inches))
    I havent decided what pattern or block to build around them yet. This storm at sea blocks would be nice around them I bet. I have them in a couple of colors which one were you wanting?

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