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Newly finished small projects, New Store sections and current projects

~~~ I completed these 4 small projects this week. All Im proud to say got finished! Getting quilts actually finished , no matter how big or small are always great accomplishments. There are stories how these small project happen><

some are practice blocks, some are extra spare blocks, and others could be to play with different color ways. Either way~~ they arent bed sized, they are fun sized and can be used in many ways. So I created a new section on my page for : home decor/ smaller quits/ sale quilts, that are finished and ready to ship. The link to my new home décor/ sale section is here: >—- SALE

I finished up all those small projects so I could get my snails trail quilt on the machine, and have started the quilting on this King quilt. Super fun multi colored, one of my favorite combos~

link to Snail Trail Made to Order is here: Snail Trail, Made To Order

and as with any quilt like the snails trail, there are a lot of waste cuts. The patterns call them waste cuts…. but i can never waste cuts like those. they are not standard shapes which makes them tricky to try to re use. In fact working with these left over trims is harder than the pattern. There are no instructions… 🙂 I just start zinging thread, and see what happens.

so with these “waste cuts” I decided to add a white triangle to the small pieces, to get them to a basic V Block, and if you spin them right, I found a clever new pattern I sorta like. Sorta looks 3D~ If you did it in a 1 color with variety of tones it would REALLY look 3D. Lots of options to change it just by color. Or Black and white would be sharp too.

Thing is~ I wouldn’t be able to use waste cuts if I decided to make this pattern again…. LOL otherwise the waste cuts never end. soooo.. fun thing about it is I found a new random pattern on my own, and now if I had to re make it~~ I could just make it now~~ and cut the leftover cuts on purpose~ LOL

I do my best to manage the “scraps” but they never go away… LOL I love it~ here’s a peek at my work table late last night, as I was able to get it into rows. This is how those random non bed size projects happen…. 🙂

I hope everyone is well!

Sew ya later!

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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