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Newly Finished, Irish Chain Quilt, Red and White

red and white quilt

Newly Finished! Newly Listed!

So this one is another spin off the double charmed quilt too.

I just used 1 color, and instead of stars I opted to leave it mostly all white. And used 1 red fabric. It does have a little variegation to it, like a artistic smudge design. It looks darker in the pics than it is. Bright beautiful red.

Super fun for me to quilt! I did some ( a lot ) of ruler work with the scallops, and circles and cross hatching. But I did some free motion quilting with the 2 styles of feathers. Lots of detail the pics cant show. Great textile to it.

All of my quilting is hand guided, meaning its not just put onto a computer and walk away and let the machine do it.

I actually laid this quilt top all out flat before I loaded it onto the machine, and marked the whole design out with a marker.

That was fun too! scribbling all over 🙂 It turned out amazing 🙂

So Its ready for a forever home, and is truly a keepsake quilt to cherish and love for many years to come 🙂

Here’s the link to the Finished Irish Chain quilt , Red and White 100 X 103 here:

Here’s the link to the Made To Order link here:

1 thought on “Newly Finished, Irish Chain Quilt, Red and White

  1. Hi
    Your work is truly art!
    You have been blessed with an amazing talent!
    Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with with e ergo e who is blessed to have a masterpiece of yours!
    Blessings to you!

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