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Newly Finished, Custom Order, Hexagon Quilt

So this week, I have finished this beauty. Hexagons with greens and reds~

This pattern comes together nice at the end. So many when they first see the blocks thinks is ” busy” or “wild”

but one of the things I love about quilting is to see and know the beauty before the finishing.

This is my 2nd time making this one, and it is just as beautiful as the first. The echo quilting I have on this one makes it a very unique textile, and will be around for many years into the future.

I cant wait to see it in its forever home.

link for ordering is here:

The link to this listing is located here:

And I have a new Star quilt coming up soon, here are some pics of this upcoming project:

this quilt can be ordered through this link: ( shown in different colors)

1 thought on “Newly Finished, Custom Order, Hexagon Quilt

  1. What a gorgeous quilt!! I LOVE the colors and the design!!!

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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