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Newly Finished! 2 quilts this week!

I have 2 new ones finished and ready to find their forever homes.

Ok so I didnt finish them both this week, Im just now sitting down to get them listed~~ computer work is hard!

both of these were fun to make, and I actually followed patterns! ( which I dont do often) But nice to know I can follow one still… 🙂

I also have a few beauty’s coming up soon. A lone Star/ in neutral tones/ queen

,and a~~ Storm At Sea ~~quilt/ done in purple and gray / king <—- this one is going to be a stunner 🙂

both are close to being finished/ and couple more on deck.

Its been cold and snowy here, with extra work with shoveling, but it is beautiful in its own way. I hope everyone is warm and cozy!

Sew ya Later!


Link to Belliago here :

Link to Prism here:


Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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