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New Project~ Patriotic Star quilt

patriotic quilt

This quilt is finished/ located here:

Made to Order here:

This is turning out to be a fun pattern. Once you earn how and where to place the colors.

that’s a skill that is sometimes learned as you go. ( after I made a bunch of units with the white not in the right spot) ha! But Im going with more of a vintage feel to this one. I’ve always loved quilts that look like they have had a history.

I had added a dark tan color but then decided it was too dark, so I’m transferring it out. That’s the fun of making quilts, you can decide things as you go sometimes based on what you see.

I will be offering this on a made to order soon, If your interested in one made for you, feel free to send me a message/comment.

link to all my finished quilts:

2 thoughts on “New Project~ Patriotic Star quilt

  1. Hi Taylor:
    I am looking at the black background with blue triangles pattern that you are working on. What size will it be? I ❤️ it and I enjoy your work!😊
    My e-mail is
    Thank you!
    Ann Miller

  2. Hi Ann, Im not sure I know which one your talking about>< I dont have a current black background one im working>< Or do I ? haha! any way you have a picture of it?

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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