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Log Cabin Wall Hanging, and other projects, 25% off all finished quilts

This week Im working on a really cute wall hanging. Log Cabin with Blues and batiks 🙂

Bright happy quilt! Made To Order a quilt like this here:

Also coming up soon My Cracker box quilt.

What is a cracker box quilt? well…. as a on going forever project is to make 4 inch blocks from the scraps I make. Rather than put the scraps away I try to make a block. and when I got a big stack of blocks I needed something to store them in as I don’t always work on it. I looked around the hose, and found a saltine cracker box. The perfect 4 inch block fit…. haha. That is a cracker box quilt. 🙂 My plan is to make it several more rows bigger and wil be up for sale eventually 🙂

I also have one that will be up soon, This one has some great blocks, trip around the world in blocks. But then sashed with black and white. one of my favorite color combos together, Reminds me of stained glass colors.

Stawberries and Cream Hexagon quilt is finished!

Completely custom Quilted, and such a cute quilt. I can make one similar to this here>

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