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In limbo waiting for materials/ side projects

Who knew gray fabric would be so hard to find in a ” pandemic”

I have several projects waiting for the back ordered materials.

SO, because I can just sit and wait, Ive been doing smaller quickie projects while I wait. heres a peek of my projects coming up or the ones im working on right now…

Stay well everyone!

7 thoughts on “In limbo waiting for materials/ side projects

  1. Gorgeous work! Your quilts are absolutely beautiful. Do you make the Abstract Lone Star quilt in queen size?

  2. Thank you so much for checking out my site! I actually got that pattern out last week. The pattern only has the wall hanging size. But I could make it bigger, by making the cuts slightly bigger. But then I thought about how the design would hang on a bed. The star is right on the edge, so I wasn’t sure how that would look on a bed if made bigger. The start would be partly hanging of the edge. Still might look good, I just wasnt sure. But it could be made bigger with slightly bigger cuts. 🙂

  3. I think you’re right – since the pattern is right at the edge it might not look right on the bed. Maybe the traditional lone star would work better. I just realized that the bed in my spare room is full size not queen. I love the color palette you used in the abstract. I like the gray & charcoal background. What is the cost of a full size? Thanks!

  4. I also love your Batick Beauty – but prefer the colors in your abstract lone star. Can this be made in a double? Please let me know what the cost would be. Thanks so much!

  5. I had to check the pattern, to see what size it was. It is a square, 49 by 49. I dont have all the smaller sizes listed because its had to gauge or adapt the pattern to smaller sizes sometimes. Sometimes you cant make them bigger or smaller ( pattern wise) so I just dont list those sizes in general. My Lap sizes I do have up are approx. 75 X 85. and run 450-600 depending on the pattern. What is the measurement of what your wanting? that helps me a lot. to go by measures. And at 49 by 49 square, I could make it bigger~~ by using bigger cuts, but it would still be square. so it would still have to have some sort of border to make it rectangle, or a bed size. meaning the star might make the corner of the bed, but not on the corner of the quilt. which I think for a twin might not be bad if I could get it positioned right. would need the measure of the surface of the bed. And and the height of the box spring and mattress. ( or how much drape off the edge you want.~~~~~~~~~ ok hope that isn’t confusing as it sounds written out 🙂

  6. I have some gorgeous fabric given to me for a quilt. That was a number of years ago. Unfortunately, now I have rheumatoid and I no longer can use my hands for very much. Can you help me?

  7. Hi!! Love you work. Can you message me pls? I don’t know how to contact you 🙂 Loking for a quilt for my hubby for xmas

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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