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Diamonds in the Ruff, Custom Order

quilts for sale

So this beauty, is a first for me. Being made for one of my favorite return customers.

She showed me 1 picture and we went from there. Based on black and white, but made with an array of fun bold fabrics. Pictures aren’t doing it justice. Its kept me busy for a while now.

Its been a tricky little “pattern” ~ ( i.e. no pattern ha! ) but I have prevailed, and its turning out so beautiful!

The top is finished now, its ready to start the quilting soon!

Im debating if I will offer it on a made to order basis…. the skill level on this one is higher than most.

But it is a beauty, and once ive done a pattern once, the 2nd time is always easier.

We will see. 🙂

Im happy to answer any questions you might have!

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