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Blue Crush Quilt, Custom Order

You can almost bounce a quarter off it… ha!

Its all pinned and sammiched, ready for the quilting 🙂

This one is more of an Art Project. The beauty of it is no 2 squares are the same.

All different in color, and size. Its tricky to put together, custom making pieces to get them to come together without showing where the seams are at . Im not even sure how they go together, Its called winging it. 🙂

its a big day for me to get it to this stage 🙂

Custom Order Listing for this quilt located here:

2 thoughts on “Blue Crush Quilt, Custom Order

  1. Gorgeous!!! Truly a work of art!!!

  2. Thank you Barbra! This one is so much fun! Bold! I think I would look great in neutrals too, someday I will have to try that, or even in black and white would be stunning! So many quilt ideas, so little time 🙂 I hope the season finds you well!

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