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Biscuit Quilt, Puff Quilt, Ravioli Quilt

So This quilt is one of my pet projects.

I have several…. Something about these are just super sweet.

They are puffy pockets, and make awesome couch covers, chair covers, pet beds, just anywhere you wand a puff of warm and cozy. I haven’t quilt got it all sewn in these pics, will put pics in my next post of the finished project.

I have made a super big one once… but had trouble with it being to heavy for a bed, and hard to wash if you make them too big.

But They are wonderful. I might think about making these on a made to order basis, but they wouldn’t be bed sizes I would offer. If your interested , you can comment on this post and I will get it directly.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Have a Happy New Year!

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